A First at The Blum Firm: Boston Attorney Christopher Beck’s Swearing-In Ceremony

We recently experienced a first at The Blum Firm. For the first time in the firm’s 43-year history, we conducted a swearing-in ceremony here to admit an attorney to the State Bar of Texas. It was a big deal, and we treated it as such.
Christopher Beck, a tax attorney practicing in Boston for the last 15 years, moved his family to Texas to join us at The Blum Firm. A member of the Massachusetts Bar, Christopher speedily completed the Texas requirements to add another Bar membership to his resume. Upon notification of his acceptance, the last step in the process was for Christopher to accept the oath of office to become a Texas lawyer. I was honored when he asked me to administer the oath. I’d never done that before. What a privilege to officially welcome a man of such outstanding character and skills to the Texas Bar!
We feel especially fortunate to add Christopher to our team. The Blum Firm specializes in estate and tax planning. As the IRS receives an $80 billion infusion to “beef up” enforcement, we saw the need to likewise “beef up” our tax controversy practice, in anticipation of a more active IRS. Christopher brings substantial experience to The Blum Firm in IRS audits and tax litigation, as well as skills in domestic and international tax planning. His expertise in cross-border transactions is especially timely and welcome, given the increase in the number of our clients engaging in inbound and outbound activities. In this digital age, it’s a smaller and more mobile world. The Blum Firm stands ready to advise on all the tax-related issues associated with that mobility.
The highlight of the swearing-in ceremony was witnessing the pride on the faces of Christopher’s wife, young daughter, and young son. Those kids absorbed the significance of watching their dad pledge to devote himself to an honorable career. It was a life lesson they’ll never forget and will undoubtedly influence their own career devotion someday. As I recently learned from Warren Buffett, our kids are watching us more than listening to us. Those two wide-eyed youngsters were clearly watching.
To top off the celebration in true Blum fashion, we ended with a dessert buffet. When I asked what his kids like for dessert, Christopher answered “anything chocolate.” Those are some smart kids! Maybe they’ll one day have their own swearing-in ceremonies at The Blum Firm. I hope I’m around to administer the oath.
Marvin E. Blum