A “Love Letter” to Your Family – Part 3

As part of our Family Legacy Planning series, this is the third email devoted to a topic that is stirring up lots of hearts—writing a “legacy letter” or “ethical will” to future generations.

It often helps to see samples of other legacy letters. There’s a wonderful collection of such letters in Ethical Wills: Words from the Jewish HEART by Dr. Eric L. Weiner. Thanks to my dear friend and family counselor, Dr. Carole Rogers, for gifting me this treasured book.

Here’s one of my favorites:

I plan to leave you with something of spiritual and material value that will help you become responsible and caring members of society. The world is yours to explore and in that exploring, you will come to understand and appreciate your place in the big picture of life. A loving heart, positive values, strong character, and a social conscience are far more important than material wealth.

What a meaningful gift to leave wisdom like that to future generations. For more samples, click here.

A final word: Don’t lock the legacy letter away. Make it a family tradition to read it each year at an annual family meeting. It will be great fuel for meaningful conversation and fostering a lasting family legacy.

Marvin E. Blum

An “Ethical Will” memorable moment from the late 1980’s—Marvin and Laurie Blum passing down traditions to son Adam and daughter Elizabeth. An estate plan passes down not only valuables, but also values.